Do you not live in the Netherlands or are you unable to travel? Then video coaching might be a solution for you. There are two options.

Video feedback

You make a video of your training and send it to me (through email, a private youtube link or wetransfer). We schedule a lesson and have a video call where we watch the video together and discuss the feedback. When it is impossible for you to do a video call, I will write the feedback down and send it to you.

Video 1-10 minutes35 euros
Video 10-20 minutes50 euros
Video 20-30 minutes60 euros

Live lessons

When you have a good internet connection in your arena, it is possible to have a live lesson. All you need equipment wise is a smartphone or tablet with a good camera and a bluetooth headset.

Lesson 30 minutes35 euros
Lesson 55-60 minutes60 euros